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Ambrose O Higgins

Adjacent to the site is a Monument to Ambrose O'Higgins and his son Bernado. Liberators of Chile. Ambrose was born in the Townland of Ballynary and educated at the nearby Ballindoon Priory.

Carrowkeel Megalithic Tombs

The great megalithic sites of South Sligo are Carrowkeel, Kesh CorranHeapstown cairn and Moytura. Carrowkeel is a spectacular megalithic complex high on the northern plateaus of the Bricklieve Mountains. Several of the chambers at Carrowkeel are illuminated on occasion by the light of the sun and moon.


Ballindoon Priory

This is a fantastic ruin and in such an amazing location right on the banks of Lough Arrow. The friary belonged to the Dominicans and was founded by Thomas O’Farrell
in 1507. 

Heapstown Cairn and The Labby Rock

Heapstown lies to the West of Moytirra where the legendary Battle of Moytirra took place. Magh Tuireadh (Moytirra) means plain of the pillars and refers to the fourteen megalithic monuments that are scattered around or near this area two of which are featured on this site. The Labby Rockand Moytirra East . The Cairn is also believed to be an extension of Carrowkeel passage cairns.

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